Feb 9, 2009

Surgery, the love frog, and a visit from grandma

Davis had a visit from Grandma Laura this evening. He had his eyes open for most of the day today. He's on morphine so he's pretty groggy, but it is still so nice to see his eyes. Today we looked at each other for a good long while. We both feel so much closer to him after looking into his eyes. 

Davis also got a new bedmate- the love frog! Elizabeth and Katie, his sweet little cousins, brought the love frog to keep him company. Thanks girls! Davis loves him. 

Davis is on the schedule to have surgery on Thursday. That could change- we're learning that everything, all the time, at any point is subject to change- but we're hopeful that he'll be ready then and that everything will go smoothly. He's doing so well and we're so proud of him- he just needs to keep it up for a few more days to show the docs that he's ready to have his repair. 

Go Davis!


Maxton's Mommy said...

what a beautiful baby!!! :-) So glad to hear that he is doing well. My mother in law is convinced that Maxton will be born this week (she says tonight due to the full moon) so who knows, I may have a little one to look at soon. Many prayers for you guys!

Dance630 said...

Oh My Gosh... Carolyn... Michael!!! I started crying as soon as I saw little Davis' eyes open. What a sweetheart! Look at those beautiful eyes!!! I'm so proud of you guys! I am praying every chance I get. I love you. Mwah Mwah Mwah!

Anonymous said...

He's so gorgeous!!! I love that his eyes are open and that y'all can see them and he can see y'all.

We are praying faithfully for him and if we can do anything for him or y'all please let us know.

Brad, Kellie, Lucy and Baby Carter said...

I hate it everytime I hear that Carter looks just like his Dad, so I'm sad to say this, but....Davis looks just like Michael. What a cutie pie. It's so special to see their eyes open and somehow makes it more "real." Best of luck for Thursday. We'll keep on praying for you guys.

Homleids said...

+Dear Lil Davis, You are a very handsome boy and our hearts are so filled with joy for you and your Momma and Papa.Axel says after your operation he will bring over his wrecker and remove all the little needles and stuff for you.He said he will be very gentle. We all love you and send our best from Oregon. Take care little buddy. God bless. Greg,Robyn&Axel

Sky + Carla said...

LOL.. We are leaving each other comments at the same time :)

Davis has beautiful eyes.... We haven't had a chance to see Joseph's eyes yet b/c all the medications and the ECMO have him very swollen even his eyes. Hopefully he can open them soon :)

Kelley said...

Michael and Carolyn...Davis is so beautiful! His eyes are amazing!!! Sweet picture of grandma Laura!!
I miss driving the grandmas around and trying to keep them in line!!
love you guys!

Tracy Meats said...

I love seeing those eyes open!! Many prayers that Davis will continue to stay strong and will get that surgery this week!!

Keeping fighting Davis! I love your love frog...too cute.

Tracy Meats - mom to Ian, born with a LCDH on 4/3/04 and WY and CO State Rep. for CHERUBS

Anonymous said...

he's so precious. so happy he is doing well. praying for him to get stronger and for the surgery to happen soon so he can get on the road to recovery.
Joanne and John Michael R-CDH 3/11/07

The Owenby Clan said...

He is as beautiful as we imagined. The Owenby family is still holding you in our prayers and we are pushing those positive thoughts east-ward. What a blessing that handsome man is!!


kat said...

lovely pics.. & visitors

all my love!


Debbie & Larry said...

Michael & Carolyn: We are so proud of both of you and Davis, and the courage you all have demonstrated. We are saying a prayer for Davis and know he is in the best hands possible. Love to all of you, Debbie and Larry.

Anonymous said...

I don't have words to describe all the emotions I feel when I look into that sweetie's precious eyes...I love him so much!
I can hardly wait to talk to you...I miss you every minute!
Great Big Hugs
Aunt Catherine

Teri and Doug Frank said...

Love the updates on Davis, we are checking regularly. It's wonderful news he is doing so well. Thinking of all of you often! All our love!!!