Feb 1, 2009

Baby Steps

Well, Davis had another really good day. He was making really tiny moves in the right direction. The goal over the next while is to ween him off of his oxygen, meds and machines and ready him for surgery. This could take 10-14 days.  As of now, his oxygen is down from 100% to 79%. The jet ventilator that he is on has gone from a pressure of 30 to 25 and he is responding really well to these adjustments. These moves are really slow and his reactions tell everyone if he needs more or less of a certain thing. We are so very proud of our little man and we are very thankful that all of you are posting, commenting and praying for our son and sending him good love. Not much to say tonight. Carolyn was discharged from the hospital tonight and we finally get to sleep in a real bed back at Parker's House ( www.theparkerreesefoundation.com ). We really enjoy being beside our son and gushing over him with all of our hearts. Whenever his nurse on duty checks his diaper and looks under his headphones and eyecover we like to be there to see his eyes. Since he is already being touched it is a good time for Mommy and daddy to touch him too. Carolyn got to wipe his eyes. We just happened to have the cell phone in there and snapped these today. It is really hard to leave the hospital. We are very tired and need rest but we still want to go back really late tonight to visit him. I think Carolyn is torn between healing and resting herself or going back to the hospital. Thank God we have that decision to make. -Mike


Anonymous said...

Michael - We appreciated your call this afternoon. We got your very informative blog a few minutes ago. Your are rightfully excited and proud of little Davis Michael and so are we! He is on the prayer list at church, Sunday school class and our personal one, of course. We love you - all three of you!
Great Grandpa and Grandma

Brad, Kellie, Lucy and Baby Carter said...

Treasure these moments. You will not ever forget them. I think I told you this, but we were not there the first time Carter opened his eyes, so one of the fabulous Duke nurses took a picture and sent it to us. It just shows you how much they really do care about you and your son. Hang in there guys...they may be small steps, but they are still in the right direction!
Much love,
Brad, Kellie & Carter

p.s. please give Jake a little belly rub for us :)

Owain's mommy said...

Sending lots of prayers!!!
My son Owain had a really rough beginning. Maybe that's why it is called the crazy CDH roller coaster ride. Just like Davis he came really close to having to be put on ECMO but then he started to improve and ECMO became a distance memory. I remember feeling really frustrated because I just wanted him to have his surgery. He finally had his repair surgery at two and half weeks old. From then on he recovered like a champ!

Davis is in my prayers daily! Davis keep up the good work and continue to make baby steps! Kick CDH booty!!!


David and Tina Carnahan said...

Lindsey and Michael - We're praying for God's strength and peace for you two and healing for Davis.

Isa. 40:29 He gives strength to the weary and increases the power of the weak.

David & Tina Carnahan

bchittum said...

I am so proud of the three of you. Please know that my family & I are all praying for you & thinking about you often. I know that this is a tough time & some days are better than others. I am very glad that you all have each other for support. You have also created such a great outside support system, as you are such loving and caring people. Please call me if there is anything that I can do.

Beth Chittum

michelle said...

awwwwww!!! OMG he is sooooooooo cute.

we are thinking about him!!!!!!!

Tracy Meats said...

What a beautiful family picture. Wonderful news to hear that Davis is making baby steps to improving and getting closer to surgery! We are praying that he keeps fighting. Please take of yourselves and let your body heal from delivery and rest, for your little boy needs your strength. My husband and I came down with colds shortly after my son had his surgery repair and were banned from the NICU until we got better, for doctors knew he couldn't risk getting any type of infection.

Keep fighting Davis!! Sending lots of positive energy and thoughts for a good week.

Tracy Meats - mom to Ian, born with a LCDH on 4/3/04 and WY and CO State Rep. for CHERUBS