Feb 11, 2009

a day of rest

Today was an uneventful day for Davis... we love those kind of days! He's just hanging out, getting rid of some excess fluid, and preparing for surgery on Thursday. He did have one episode where he desatted and had what nurse Shanda called a diva moment. She was worried and checked all his settings... turned out he just had a wet diaper. (thank goodness)

He's started doing this really cute thing when he gets upset. He'll wrinkle his brow and look more concerned than any two week old baby ever should. He's getting used to how to use his eyes. Last night, he looked around for hours... just blinking and kicking his little feet. It's so nice to see him more awake and alert. The tough part is, we never want to leave when he's awake and his eyes are open. We ended up staying at the hospital until 2 am last night- even though he was tired, he just wouldn't go to sleep. 

I know I say this on every post, but please keep thinking of & praying for Davis, especially on Thursday and in the days following his surgery. We really believe it makes a big difference. 

Mike & Carolyn


Brad, Kellie, Lucy and Baby Carter said...

We told you!!! It's so hard to leave when they are awake and looking around. Shanda is fantastic and took care of Carter on some of his very sickest days. She kept us sane and answered all of Brad's millions of questions :) Lots of prayers for you guys.

Bethany Wurdeman said...

Hello just wanted to say how very very cute your little man is. It is so amazing how God works on are little guys. Please know I am praying for all of you.
Mother to Brody LCDH
12-14-06 Denver CO

Anonymous said...

I'm super busy because our show is this weekend...But I want to talk to you before Davis' surgery. I'm so glad he's having fun looking at all the miracle machines around him, and of course his beautiful parents. And equally as glad that you guys are getting to look at his beautiful eyes! I love the part about the concerned look on his face. That must be exciting to know that his little wheels are turning! I wanted to come up this weekend, but with the show, I don't think I'll make it there. Every time you guys cross my mind, I say a little prayer. I check this blog a million times a day and get so excited every time there is an entry, especially a positive one! Davis is incredible, but then the apple doesn't fall far from the tree. I love you guys! You are in my heart! Talk to you soon!

Fer said...

Many, many prayers!

Kaitlin said...

Big day tomorrow. I'm thinkin bout you guys..love - kj