Jun 28, 2009

Busy Weekend!

Davis with cousin Katie and Uncle John

Family Photo outside Duke

Davis in the ICN Waiting Room...

Jes with Katie and Carter at the PRF Reunion

4 Miracle Babies and 1 Amazing Couple

This has been one busy weekend! We drove to Raleigh for the Parker Reese Foundation reunion. We are so glad we went. It was amazing to see all the little miracle babies hanging out together, and even better to see the look on Jes' face when they were all in her lap. Parker's legacy is so evident in the lives of Davis, Bodee, Katie, Carter, and so many others.

Then, we made a stop by the Duke ICN to say a quick hello to Davis' nurses. We missed the Duke reunion so we knew we were in big trouble unless we brought Davis by for a visit. He got to say hi to Carolyn, Shanda, Lindsay, Heather, April, and a few others... we didn't get to see everybody, but we'll be back soon.

Lastly, we stopped by to stay the night with the Trefneys. Little Elizabeth and Katie (his cousins) were so excited to see him. They were so sweet, holding Davis and petting his head.

Now we are home sweet home and miss everyone already... but are so exhausted, we will surely sleep well tonight (as long as Davis does, that is)...

Jun 21, 2009

We Love Daddy

Happy first Father's day, Michael. You have been an amazing father since the day I told you we were going to be parents. You are the heart and soul of our family and we love you so much!

Jun 3, 2009

Davis is out and about....

Aside from the many trips to both grandmother's houses we have only recently decided to take Davis out into the big world! His debut was the White Squirrel Festival here in Brevard, NC on Memorial day weekend. It was a great festival and Davis was out for about an hour and a half. Brevard is such a small town that Davis ran into his pediatrician on the street. Dr. Wells was really glad to see Davis tolerating the outing so well. He did not cry once around all of the loud music and all of the people. He seemed to enjoy it. It was a real treat to look out from the stage and see my son and beautiful wife there. It was his first show! 

We are currently trying to cram a follow-up visit down to Duke into our schedules. From here, it is easily a five hour drive! Hopefully we can get "clinic" on one day and follow up with the surgery team the next day. Our last clinic visit took well over seven hours and we drove home that night..... This time we will space it out over several days.

Davis is eating remarkably well. He will eat four ounces in one sitting over fifteen minutes! I remember starting with 10cc's and that was a task. He is still on Omeprazole (Prilosec) and it is hard to find a pharmacy here that will compound the medication so Davis can drink it. We found a pharmacy an hour from home that can do it. He recently had to have the dosage adjusted for weight gain. Dr. Wells said that reflux could become worse for Davis between 4-6 months of age, which is now. He rarely pukes, but we can tell he does reflux. It is painful to him. Hopefully the meds keep it under control.

Sorry for being blog slackers!!! We are working on it. Hopefully these pics will make up for it.


P.S. Davis is learning to speak his own language, knows how to play Mommy and Daddy by fake crying, puts everything in his mouth, and is generally being cute all of the time.