Feb 4, 2009

Go Davis!

This is a (blurry) picture of Davis' new bed mate. Catherine and Karen brought Puff the Magic Dragon to watch over our little one. Puff was my favorite as a little girl, and so far the magic seems to be working.

Davis' x-rays continue to look better and better. His good lung looks GREAT, and the other is getting larger and stronger every day. In fact, it's starting to move the intestines out of the way as it inflates! The radiologist who read his x-ray from this morning hadn't seen Davis before, and he had to ask what was wrong with him. When Lakshmi told him Davis was CDH, the radiologist was surprised. He said it must be a mild case, just a small defect. Of course, that's not the case, but the fact that the radiologist had to ask blew us away. GO DAVIS! 

We've had an overall good day, with a few ups and downs on the vent & oxygen settings. They'll make some changes, Davis will react, and he'll end up compromising with the doctors somewhere in the middle. We keep moving forward in this way... and then back, and then forward again, and so on... we know that as they push Davis more and more, we can expect things to get a little rocky here and there. Still, as long as in the big picture we're moving forward, we are happy. 

It's amazing how strong Davis is, and he's not even a week old. A big part of it is all the people thinking about him and sending him love and prayers. Thank you :)



Brad, Kellie, Lucy and Baby Carter said...


Maxton's Mommy said...

yay for Davis!!! glad to here good ole Puff is sending some magic his way. :-) Praying for you guys

Anonymous said...

lindsey, mike and davis

you are in our thoughts, hang in there!

love, anne, andrew and ashley

jess said...

Way to go Davis!! Way to go Mike & Carolyn!! You 3 make an awesome looking family - Davis is SOOO cute!! All 3 of you are incredibly strong and doing an amazing job - truly inspiring!!
All our best,
Rachel & Susan (mom)

Kenny and Jennifer Miller said...

Davis, you're doing so awesome! Keep it up buddy!!


Elizabeth said...

Puff the Magic Dragon was one of my favorites too! Go Davis you are doing so well. Mom and Dad - take care of yourselves too!

With thoughts, prayers and LUNG FUNCATION chants,

Alison, Chris and Davis Cieszko said...

Prayers for baby Davis...take it slow and easy.

Chris and Alison Cieszko, proud parents of Davis Michael Cieszko 10.5 mos old

Jenny Thomas said...

WAY TO GO DAVIS!!!!! I am so proud of all the accomplishments he has made. I know your love is surrounding him and he feels it and that is what is making him fight so hard. He is such a beautiful baby and I know you are so proud of him. Hang in there and everyone is praying really hard for him and for you both. Love you guys!!!

Dotty said...

Way to Go DAVIS!!! your doing such a wonderful job!!! sending uplifting thoughts and prayers, may God hold you in the palm of his almighty hand and heal you, may you become a strong and roudy toddler that keeps mom and dad on their toes!!
Blessings sent to you all! so glad to hear good news!~!

Owain's mommy said...

Go Davis Go!!!


Anonymous said...

I'm proud of all three of you! I'm so pleased with Davis' progress. Just remember I'm thinking of you guys and praying for Davis... always. I love you!!!

Tracy Meats said...

Way to go Davis!! Keep making those baby steps towards your surgery!! He is definitely making good progress and I am praying for that cute little boy.

Sening all of you lots of positive thoughts and energy, Tracy Meats - mom to Ian, born with a LCDH on 4/3/04 and WY and CO State Rep. for CHERUBS

Fer said...

WTG Davis!!!!!!

ktgrace said...

WE LOVE DAVIS! snoring away! hilarious and sooooo sweet, we love you times a million.