Feb 4, 2009

Peach fuzz

Tonight was a good night! Nurse Jenny decided to give Davis a break from the earphones and eye mask, and we were SO EXCITED to see his sweet little face. He didn't open his eyes, but Jenny says they're a hazel color. Takes after his mama :)

Turns out his fancy BOSE noise canceling headphones didn't have batteries in them, so they weren't doing much of a job. Good thing Dad figured that out, because they're doing some construction tomorrow in the NICU and he'll need them. 

His blood pressure was doing so well that we got to touch him a bit! I got to rub his fuzzy little head, which completely made up for everything that happened earlier. It was amazing! His hair (there's a lot of it) feels just like peach fuzz. 

Who knows what tomorrow might bring, but Davis is stable tonight, which means we can rest easy. We'll take each positive moment and savor it for as long as we can. 

Isn't he just the cutest thing? 


PS: I hope I didn't offend the other ecmo moms in my earlier post. We do appreciate hearing your experiences, especially your successes, and we get a lot of strength from that. Thanks for your words of encouragement :)


kat said...

how cute!!! (mr.) davis has quite a personality already i see ;) xoxo

Brad, Kellie, Lucy and Baby Carter said...

What a great night you had with Davis! I love the pictures. He's such a cutie. And Carolyn, you look fantastic. Keep up whatever you are doing, because it's working on that little one. You might think about leaving a camera at his bedside, even a disposable one, so the nurses can catch pics when you aren't there. Especially if he opens his eyes for a bit.

Anonymous said...

Davis is so precious! I'm glad he had a good night, and that you guys got to touch him, and rub that cute little head of his. He's beautiful, but I mean, I'm not surprised, look at his parents. I'm still praying, and I won't stop. Kisses!


debbie said...

He is beautiful!!! I am so glad you had a good night Davis - keep up the good work. We are having a snow day today. I am so glad that you have family there to take care of you both. You need your rest too! Love you both and I will be waiting and praying for another good day! Love Debbie

Elizabeth said...

Progress happens and he is adorable! I second what Kellie suggested - a disposable camera for the NICU - and the nurses love taking pictures when they can!

With thoughts, prayers and LUNG FUNCTION chants,

Fer said...

Davis is so cute!!!!!

Alex & Ingrid Houchin said...

He is such a cutie! Great to hear that he has been stable overnight. We are keeping our fingers crossed that he continues to improve.

All the best,

Ingrid, Alex & Alina

Tracy Meats said...

Davis is sooo cute!!! Hope he has a great day and continues to improve.

Tracy Meats - mom to Ian, born with a LCDH on 4/3/04

Kristen Brown said...

Oh my, he is so gorgeous!
I hope today is going well. Continuously thinking and praying for all three of you.
love, kristen

Thomas Family of 5 said...

None taken :)

Dolores Littleson said...

Your little Davis is a special angel. I am daily following his progress and praying for all of you. Just keep the faith...God will do wonderus things for you.