Aug 13, 2009

Home and Happy

Davis came home yesterday evening and seems to be on the upswing. His fever is gone, his fontanelle is back to normal, and he can tolerate some formula. He's lost weight and still isn't eating nearly enough, but we feel like he's on the mend and going to be a-okay. He's back to his smiley-little self... after these last few days, it's nice to see.

Aug 12, 2009

Visiting the healing hotel

Just a quick update... it's about 1 am on Tuesday night, and we're in the hospital. Davis wasn't feeling well today - vomiting, no appetite, coughing, fever - so we took him to the doctor around 4ish. We called our pediatrician later because he couldn't eat at all, and because his fontanelle (the soft spot on his head) was swollen and hard. He's on tamiflu and tylenol. We think this is just a precaution and will be nothing, but given his history we don't want to take any chances. Will update as soon as we know something...