Apr 30, 2009

Water Baby

Davis loves baths, and usually he takes one in his whale bath tub that Kristen & Noland got him. If we have a lot of time, we'll float him around in our big kitchen sink instead. He loves the water and is so sweet kicking and splashing around. 

Tomorrow is Davis' cardiology appointment. I think everything will be just fine but, given everything he's been through, I will admit I'm a little nervous. Keep your fingers crossed that he passes all the tests with flying colors. 

I'm writing an article about our experience with CDH. It's my little way of hopefully raising awareness about this condition that robs so many families of their children. I'll post it here when I'm finished for feedback. 


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Jenny Thomas said...

He just keeps getting cuter everyday. Good luck with his appointment at the cardiologist and please keep us posted. Love you guys!

Anonymous said...

He is so cute! Praying his cardiologist appointment goes well. Keeping Davis in my prayers!

Jaime's World said...

Davis is SOOOOO incredibly cute! Jaime tends to enjoy his baths, too. (Although, he's only had 4 and all have been sponge baths). I hope we have the opportunity to put him in our kitchen sink one day, too! :-)
Good luck with the article...there's lots to write about!
Take care and best wishes for an uneventful trip to the cardiologist! Hugs,

Lana said...

If its possible Davis is getting more handsome with every new post. Hope all went well today and that he passed with flying colors!!! xxoo Lana

Irvin family said...

I hope that all went well yesterday with the cardiologist.
Davis looks like he really enjoys bath time. That is one of Oakley's favorite times as well.
Warm hugs and God Bless.

Love Sheree (Oakley's Mom)