Apr 6, 2009

Swing = Love

Davis had a baby shower on Saturday. It was so nice- I can't even describe the amazing amount of baby gear and sweet little clothes Davis ended up with. I have to post a picture of the cake, which was so incredibly cool! He got lots of great stuff, but there are a couple things in particular that he absolutely LOVED- especially his new swing. I never imagined a baby could like anything so much. 

The swing has been particularly convenient in that Davis has been miserable with a nasty case of thrush these last few days. We think the thrush came from using the nebulizer for breathing treatments. Dr. Wells prescribed some new medications for the thrush, so we hope it clears up in the next couple of days. Last night, he cried more than I've ever heard him cry... thrush stinks. 


Jaime's World said...

Davis is such a content little guy! I'm glad that he got to have a party in his honor and that he was spoiled!
He deserves it!
Thank you for the updates, it's so wonderful to hear how well Davis is doing! Keep it up Mr. Davis.
(Hope the thrush goes away soon!)
Take care and keep the pics coming, we love seeing him, it's encouraging to us to know that CDH babies can do well!
Sending prayers for continued progress,

Noelle said...

O M G! Davis is BEYOND adorable in the swing!!! I wish I could've been there for the shower! I've got to meet that little man before he's all growed up. haha... I'll pray for the thrush to go away. I love ya'll! :-D

Dawn at CHERUBS said...

How cute is that??? Davis is adorable.

Shane had thrush several times... I'm trying to remember what we used that really worked well. Been too long... I want to say Nystatin but I could be really wrong about that. It was pink and we swished it all over his mouth with a sponge and it cleared up in 2 days. It was amazing stuff.

I hope the thrush clears up soon!

Dawn at CHERUBS said...

ps - it was Duke that prescribed it, in the PICU (we got it there twice). So I'm sure Davis's docs know what med I mean.

homleids said...

wish we could have been at the shower.looks like Davis got a very cool swing. we love seeing all the pics(he is sooo handsome)hope we can all get together sometime in the near future. take care, with all our love Robyn,Greg and Axel.

Elizabeth said...

Very cool swing Davis! I hope he feels better - Noah had thrush and gave it to me - not fun!

He is adorable!