May 2, 2009

"freakin' awesome"

Just a quick update on Davis' cardiology visit yesterday. Dr. McGovern said (and I quote) that Davis was "freakin' awesome." He was so impressed with his progress and not concerned about anything at all. We'll still go back in a couple of months to be extra careful, but we are so happy that our little man got such a fantastic report card! Go Davis! 


Jaime's World said...

Way to go Davis! You are "freakin' awesome" and your kickin' some CDH butt, too!
Congrats on a terrific visit! Keep it up, Little Man!
We're all very excited for all of you!


Irvin family said...

YES!!!!That is what we've been waiting to hear. Keep it up DAVIS you are awesome.

With love

Lana said...

Way to go Davis, keep showing us whose in charge!!!!!


Anonymous said...

What a "freaking awesome" CDH butt-kicker!!!!!!!

Great visit! Wonderful news!


The Owenbys said...

Darn right that boy is freakin awesome...but its nice to be validated :) Congrats family!

Anonymous said...

Yay! That's freakin' wonderful :)
Hugs and kisses to that sweet little man. -kristen

The Vierig's said...

I love it when the CDH babies bring words like that out of professionals :). Congrats little guy...we can't wait to meet you!