Mar 7, 2009

New Room

Well, although we aren't home, we are still doing great. Davis was moved to a different room back in the ICN because he needed a space all to himself. It is the office with no windows. Tiny, but it is all his own. We are still working with the nurses and doctors to get a real day nailed down for discharge. Hopefully Monday or Tuesday.

The docs switched Davis' reflux meds from Zantac to Prilosec about 24 hours ago, and it seems to be helping with his symptoms. He took more food today than ever. In one sitting he took about 18 cc's with nurse Lindsay. That was delivered in a matter of minutes with no second thoughts on his part. It is a small amount but he is moving in the right direction.

All of your prayers and great positive energy have been working. We are so very thankful that Davis is finishing week 5 and is almost home. Our little family has been very blessed.

I know Carolyn has already said this but I want to say it too. All of this would not have even happened if it wasn't for Jes and Ashley at The Parker Reese Foundation. We are thankful that they turned us toward Duke for Davis' treatment and housed us and our guests at Parker's House. They are always accepting donations. You can donate any amount here. Jes and Ashley, we are forever grateful for the miracles Parker is working in all of our lives.


Elizabeth said...

You all will be home before you know it!

Keeping you all in my thoughts and prayers,

Noelle said...

It must feel good to be so close to going home! I'm happy for you guys and am praying as always! Keep in touch!
Love ya,

Lana said...

As always many prayers and good thoughts for getting home ASAP especially before Aunt Catherine gets back up there!!!

Craig and Kristi Kuehl said...

One step closer! Davis will be home before you know it. You guys should be so proud of your strong little guy...he has really fought a great fight and won! We are praying for the same... and continue to keep Davis in our prayers:)

Anonymous said...

So he wanted his own room! And...I'm so glad to hear he had a good meal...that is great news:) He will get the whole thing figured out and be headed home before you know it:) The end of the month will be here soon...:) XOXOXOXO until then.
'Aunt' Catherine

Jessica Singletary said...

Had to make me cry right?? We cannot wait for y'all to be home with Davis and to get back to some form of normalacy. Leaving Parker's House will be bittersweet because we've become so attached to y'all. Stalking your blog daily and the relentless texting.

Ashley and I could never thank you both enough for sharing his journey with us. And like we told Brad and Kellie we do expect birthday party invitations, Christmas cards and updated pictures. It's a requirement. It was in the fine print :)

You will never know how much you have helped us heal. You'll never know the joy you have brought into our lives. The smiles you have given us. And the memories that will last a lifetime. Thank you for everything. Thank you so much for giving us hope in our own journey.

We are always here and Parker's House is always open to y'all. You have helped make it a home and if those walls could talk oh what a story!

We love y'all dearly. Today and always.