Mar 23, 2009

Eating is Hard Work!

Davis is doing so much better with the bottle. He can usually get around 50-65 cc's down before he poops out. His feeds have been bumped up to 80 cc's every 3 hours, so we still have some use for the feeding pump. We hope that as his stomach grows we'll use the pump less and less, and eventually be able to get rid of the feeding tube entirely. He's dangerously close to being able to pull it out on his own. His pediatrician reminded us that eating is the hardest work Davis has to do, something akin to running a marathon for us. If only eating were that way for me. I'd be an Olympian :)

I am constantly thinking of how lucky we are to have Davis. Reading his medical history, which they gave us when we were discharged, I am reminded of the enormous debt of gratitude we owe everyone at Duke. Their care, as well as Davis' amazing will to live, was the deciding factor in his survival. It could so easily have gone a different direction. 

My heart breaks as I report that after just under 3 weeks on this earth, Baby Maxton has chosen wings over feet. Directly after I learned of Maxton's passing, I went in the bedroom to be with Davis and just give thanks for his life. I had such a heavy sadness in my heart for Maxton and his amazing mother, Ashley. I reached down to change him and he opened his eyes really wide, lifted his arm straight up in the sky, and wiggled his little fingers. It sounds silly, but I thought maybe he was waving to Maxton. Please keep his family in your thoughts. 


Anonymous said...

We are excited about the progress that Davis is making. We thank the Lord each day for that! We were sorry to hear about little Maxton. We have been keeping him and little Nicholas in our prayers. Let us know if you find an update on Nicholas. We love you all! Great Grandma and Grandpa

Alex & Ingrid Houchin said...

Davis is doing so great! Well done little one! Hopefully he won't need the NG tube for long.
Way to go to all of you!

Hugs from the UK,

Ingrid, Alex & Alina

Anonymous said...

We are glad to hear that Davis is doing so well. It is not silly in the least to think that Davis was waving at his buddy Maxton. Davis surely has some awesome guardian angels.