Mar 2, 2009

Homeward bound?

Today, we got the news that Davis may get to go home within a week!!!!!!!!!! There aren't enough exclamation points to express how excited we are. We are spending this week learning how to use the NG tube and other care skills. I don't think this is something the hospital normally does, but I think the fact that we are there so much coupled with our compulsive questions has convinced the team that we are just obsessive enough to handle the whole NG thing. Things could change tomorrow, but we are cautiously optimistic that home is closer than we thought :) (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ... a couple more for good measure). 

It's a little early for goodbyes, but we will miss our nurses so much, and of course we'll miss Parker's house too. I remember Kellie and Brad saying once that Parker's house felt more like home than their house did... I totally know the feeling. This house is so special to us. In the month and a half since we've moved in, we've been through some of the most intense experiences of our lives. From being clueless expectant parents, to the night I woke up panicked at 5 am to find my water broken, to every sleepless night spent worrying Davis might not live through the night, to now - preparing to take him home... it's all happened inside these walls, on this peaceful old farm. This house has seen joy, heartbreak, and every emotion in between. That does something to a place. We are indescribably grateful to Jes, Ashley, Parker, and Rob & Joanna for sharing Parker's house with us and giving us a home these past 6 weeks. 

Tomorrow, Baby Maxton will be born and this crazy journey will begin for another family. Maxton's mother and I have never officially met, but we will be thinking of them all day tomorrow. The CDH connection is a strong one, even if it is virtual. Michael and I have both laughed, cried, worried, and rejoiced for dozens of babies and families we may never meet. The intensity of this experience is like nothing else- there's so much I want tell Maxton's mother and other expectant CDH parents, but words are insufficient to prepare for something like this. Good luck, Maxton, we'll be thinking of you and anxiously awaiting news of your entrance into the world. 


Liz and Shane said...

that is great news that you will be able to take Davis home. I cant wait to see pics of Davis at home with you.

Brad said...

Awesome awesome awesome!

Maxton's Mommy said...

Thanks for thinking of us!!! I am sooo glad to hear Davis may be making it home soon! he is so strong.. and of course, freakin cute. :-)It's off to the hospital for me.. I can't believe he didn't come early but am glad the day is here.. even though knowing it would be today made me stay up all last night.

Anonymous said...

wonderful, wonderful news. we are so excited for you!
Joanne and John Michael R-CDH 3/11/07

Anonymous said...

The bond of prayer to God for the life of these precious babies He designed gives strength to the families. We cannot understand life and death, but we trust the one who does. Blessings to you and precious little Davis as you walk each day with the Lord.

Jaime's World said...

Baby Davis,
Great Job! We are so excited for all of you! We're looking forward to hearing about your continued progress at home!
Good luck with the home training. I have just learned how to insert Jared's (our 5yr. old) home IV's. It's a pretty powerful feeling knowing that you can be independent without nurses coming in and out!
Congrats to all of you!
You are in our thoughts and prayers!
Sheryl, Tom, Jared & "Jaime" (RCHD-May 09')

Kristen Brown said...

Yay Davis, way to go little man!
Love you all, kristen

Noelle said...

You've got me in tears of joy at the thought of Davis coming home. What a journey! I am so happy for you guys that I could just explode! Don't think that any of this means I will stop praying for you guys. You will be forever in my prayers. That little man is going to have an incredible life, and I can't think of two better people to show him the way. I love you so much!

Alex & Ingrid Houchin said...

Wow, that's amazing! So glad to hear that Davis is heading home.
Way to go little one!

Alina, Ingrid & Alex

Anonymous said...


(Ever says Yay too, although he's not 100 percent sure why.)

Lana said...

Wonderful News I know you are over the moon with joy and I also know you will do an amazing job with Davis at home.

Anonymous said...

Great news.... It'll be bittersweet to see y'all leave Parker's House but we are so thankful and grateful to have y'all in our lives.

Thank you for sharing Davis with all of us.

Anonymous said...

This is the best news ever! I know your cheeks hurt from the grin you must be wearing:) My heart explodes with JOY!
'Aunt' Catherine

Elizabeth said...

This is fantastic news - and I've never been to Parker's House - but from the pictures - you put into words what it is. Jes and Ashley have done an amazing thing.

I will add more !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

With thoughts and prayers and still a few Lung Function chants,