Jan 31, 2009

What a day!

After this morning's ECMO scare, Davis showed some improvement in his blood gases and his hypertension is stabilizing with the epinephrine. He also had an echo that came back the same as yesterday's, meaning his heart is still functioning at the level it needs to, so we've dodged the ECMO bullet for now. It's still on the table, and while it scares the hell out of us, we're also glad that it's there if we need it. It's nice to have a backup, even if that backup is scary.

The best news is that today's x-rays showed some progress on lung growth! I don't know a lot about x-rays, but it looked like really significant growth... you could definitely see huge improvement from the time he was born. The stomach and intestines, which were both in his chest, had a lot of air in them that they've removed. This has given some room for the lungs to grow. There might even be a possibility that one or both the stomach and intestines (now smaller) could drop out of the chest entirely. Seeing the x-rays tonight was really encouraging. We're so proud of our sweet little son, how hard he's fighting, and the progress he's making. We are so happy to be his parents and enjoy just being by his side. 

We are definitely learning to live only in this moment. Things change so quickly (as today has shown us), and Davis is showing us that he is the one calling the shots. As of now, we're moving in the right direction. 

Thanks for your prayers, we need them!



kat said...

oh my that is good news. another davis is calling the shots? can't imagine that. ;)


Cindy said...

Just wanted to let you know that I am following Davis' progress and sending prayers your way.

~ Cindy
mom to Claire, 6/7/07 LCDH

Amy AKA "Baba" said...

I'm a fellow CDH mom and will be following Davis's fight. It is a roller coaster but we are all here to support you.

Liviana, 1-18-08, LCDH

The Homleids said...

He looks like you Old Salt! We have all of you including Davis' medical team, in our prayers.

"The Lord is faithful to all his promises and loving to all He has made." Psalm 144:13b

Love from Portland,
Gee, Robyn & Axel
PS. Linds couldn't answer ur call will call U tomorrow.

Dotty said...

keeping you all in our thoughts and prayers, so proud of his progress!! keep on fighting Davis!!
many blessings
lcdh mom of zachary 10-26-07

Anonymous said...

prayers for all of you guys and his dr's!!! keep hopeful!!!

Fer said...

WTG on lung growth! Keep fighting sweet davis!

Anonymous said...

Way to go Davis!!! We are so excited that you are doing well! I know tht your Mom and Dad are encouraged - so keep up the good work. We are doing well. Larry is going to try and do half days next week. We are getting a little cabin fever here! A lot of sugerless life savers are being inhaled. He has lost 10 pounds-gezzz - must be my healthy cooking! Strange that I have gained 3, must be the wine! I think about all three of you and can hardly wait to be introduced to the Duke boy!! Love all of you and I pray that Davis will continue to get stronger. He needs to meet his Aunt Debbie - I will teach heim the High School ropes when time comes. Carolyn, I can hardly wait to get my office buddy back. Miss you