May 3, 2009

Parker Reese Foundation Needs You!

I think many of you know of the Parker Reese Foundation. They provide a beautiful, peaceful home for CDH families traveling to Duke for medical care, and they ask absolutely nothing in return. They are amazing. 

The financial burden of CDH is something people don't often discuss, but it is very real. Our medical bills are... well, let's not even go there! There is so much stress in fighting the CDH battle. As if knowing your child may not make it isn't enough, families often have to move far from their homes, families, etc... in our case, we moved 4 hours away to get the best possible care for Davis. It was tough. Lucky for us, we never had to think about where we would stay or how we would pay for it. Parker Reese Foundation took care of everything for us. 

The Parker Reese house is on a peaceful old dairy farm about 15 minutes from the hospital. It is so serene and quiet there. They allowed our families to stay there, too, which made a huge difference for us! It became our second home. I cannot say enough good things about Parker Reese Foundation. 

Now, they need your help. For just $16, you can sponsor a family staying at Parker Reese House for one night, and you get a t-shirt! If you can give more please do. Email to help babies like Davis and their parents. Please help! I don't know what we would have done without these guys. Thanks everybody :)


Liz and Shane said...

We would be happy to help.

Jaime's World said...

Thanks for sharing this with us. Tom and I have been staying at the Ronald McDonald House in Cincinnati. We have been looking for a way to "Pay it Forward," this is a great opportunity for us to do so!
Thanks again,
Sending best wishes your way,